Account Receviables followup

AR Follow up and Collections

Following up on insurance claims is essential to get quick reimbursement. We understand and offer specialized...

Florida Medical Billing

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services that can work less and collect more in transmitting your claims with in half day...

Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing

Paper or Electronic,Processing medical billing claims with HIPAA 5010 compliant is our forte.

Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding Services

With MedicalBillingStar's effective medical coding service, you get paid much faster for all your raised claims.

EMR Integration Services

Free EMR/EHR Integration

We offer EMR/EHR integrated medical billing services along with free subscriptions for EMR and PMS S/W.

Free EMR support

Free EMR/PM Subscription

We provide free EMR subscription services as a part of our medical billing services package...

Rate card From our Medical Billing Experts

Our Medical Billing specialists and claim analysts will work out a plan to collect your payments

MedicalBillingStar - iSourceABA

MedicalBillingStar is an iSourceABA firm to offer cutting edge result driven and practice specific solutions. We provide medical billing services auditing and accounting.

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Extended Business Office Solutions

Espousing our 'Extended Business Office' kiosk in an endeavor to recuperate their collectibles such as accounts receivables and bad-debts, and to revamp their profitability benchmark.

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Our Testimonials

The proof is in the pudding. See what our clients have to say about us to learn more about our medical billing, coding, AR payment collection, EMR/EHR integration services and the support

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