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Integration ; Simplified :

At MedicalBillingStar we are obsessed with simplifying things. In a complicated healthcare climate we can help practice fusion users keep things simple and efficient. We understand that physicians would give an arm and a leg to avoid tasks that require them to understand technical speak and go through user manuals.

Practice fusion users who are looking to integrate the medical billing software with their PF account can now just give us a call. And leave the rest to us. We offer free Kareo integration services as a part of our medical billing package and can set the Kareo software up and running in no time at all.

If you are wondering whether it is…

PracticeFusion Certified Consultant
  • Safe to let us handle your integration need.
  • If we understand how important it is, that every information matches.
  • And if this means a dozen call to our office.

Here are our Answers !

Knowing the Ins and Outs of the Process.

We can set up an interface between your practice fusion account and Kareo and offer expert integration services whether you want to link a single pf account with the kareo application or multiple accounts. With over sixty medical practices turning to us for integration support we know the process like the back of our hand.

Make sure that Insurance Details Match Exactly.

Our technical team ensures that patient demographics are accurately transferred to your new kareo account. Insurance details of the patients and payers need to be perfectly identical between the two systems. We change the insurance specifics and coverage details in Kareo so it matches exactly with the existing payer information in your practice fusion account.

No more Expensive Phone Bills !

You don't have to call up our office every single time to explain what your needs are.Our integration services are not just free of costs but free of hassles and headaches as well !

There are a lot more advantages for Practice Fusion users. We provide absolutely practice and EMR specific billing services. Our EMR support desk is available 24x7.

If you are struggling to integrate the medical billing software of your choice into your Practice Fusion account here is your helpline dial 1 - 877 - 272 - 1572 or fill an online form.