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eClinicalWorks EMR Billing FAQ's

eCW user ? We know what's on your mind more than anyone else

MedicalBillingStar is the billing partner, consultant, and 3AM friend of over 50 eCW users. We have a separate 24/7 helpdesk and a dedicated team to offer eClinicalWorks billing services. A list of the most frequently asked questioned and our answers.   

1. Do you have a separate team for eCW Billing ?

Yes, we do. As we handle the billing needs of over 300 medical practices, that use eClinicalWorks, we have a separate team to offer eCW billing support. They are well trained in the features, nuances and workarounds of the software. Having an individual team for ecw helps us to quicken the billing process.

2. Is there an additional charge for set-up fees?

The answer is a happy no for both ! We do not charge a set-up fee to work with your eCW system. You save on the 300$ it takes to set up an account, by working with us. Our 24x7 support, by certified professionals is offered at no cost at all.

3. Is there a Minimum Billing volume I need to stick to?

MedicalBillingStar offers highly scalable support. There is no monthly minimum billing volume to work with us. We understand that the monthly volume is dependent on several parameters, such as number of patients, no-shows and other variables.

4. Do you handle Patient Collections?

MedicalBillingStar is widely regarded as the most patient friendly billing company ! We send out easy to grasp patient statements through the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal feature. Patient statements are sent out within a week of the patient's visit. Collection letters are sent within a month. Our toll-free number is included in every statement and we have a 24x7 helpline.

We walk the paces with your patients to help them make secure online payment through Patient Portal. 

5. Can you analyze my Revenue Cycle?

Yes. We initiate our eClinicalWorks billing process after a thorough analysis of your existing workflow. Our, team accesses your eClinicalWorks EMR, and perform thorough, financial analysis. We eliminate the cracks in your system and identify potential revenue boosters prior to starting our billing process.

6. Do you record calls for my patients? Where are they stored?

Every phone conversation we make to your patients and insurers is recorded. The conversations are mailed to you as mp3 files, according to your convenience. Details of the conversation can be found in your Telephone Encounters window of eCW. You can also request a transcript of the same.

7. Can you help me set up Superbills ?

Most physicians find technical jargon and rules, intimidating. MedicalBillingStar is always at their side to make working a better experience. We've helped practices using eCW set up practice specific superbills. We earmark the CPT, ICD and E/M codes most used in your practice. We create new and separate code groups.

8. What is the edit level you are comfortable with?

We can work with any edit level provided to us. We usually work with the NP/PA edit level access.

9. How do you transmit claims? Do you work with paper claims?

We electronically transmit claims, efficiently and swiftly using the eClinicalWorks electronic claims transmission feature. We work with paper claims too and adhere to nubc norms. All our electronic transactions are HIPAA 5010 compliant.

10. How do your costs compare with that of my eCW services?

eClinicalworks Cost Comparision