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It can be difficult to find a medical billing firm that is tailor made to the way you work. And then to hope for a company that understands your EMR can look like you are hoping for a miracle. At MedicalBillingStar we perform miracles on a daily basis ! If you are an eClinicalWorks(eCW) user who is looking to give your sagging revenues a facelift, we are the best person to do the job.

No Line in the Sand Approach.

We are flexible and can interface with your eClinicalWorks EMR system to make administrative tasks easy and effortless for you. Our team can work with the scheduling and medical billing features of the eClinicalWorks practice management system, so you go home a lot early !

5 Promises We Make!

  • You will never miss out on your appointments anymore. We will ensure that your appointment scheduling feature is constantly updated.
  • All your claims reach the finishing line swiftly. The eCW electronic claims transmission feature will be used to send your claims to insurers in double quick time.
  • We will coordinate online with payors constantly to ensure quick reimbursement.
  • Save you the money spent on making calls to insurers and paying an overpaid andunderperforming in-house biller.
  • Assure you of absolute HIPAA compliancy and data security.

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How you can be Sure We Will Stand by our Promises ?

We don't hang out with you during coffee break. But that is about the only difference you are going to notice. We keep you posted all through and send regular work updates. The efficiency we bring to the table and the increase in cashflow will prove that we stand by all our promises. And if you are still a little wary and skeptical of promises you can always request for a free trial by filling form or else dial us @1-877-272-1572. We are sure you will be convinced that opting to work with us is one smart decision !