Will Doctors Fade Into Oblivion? The Survival Guide For Newyork Physicians !

Can I Meet A Physician ?

The answer would most probably be “no” in a few years time. It is going to get increasingly hard to find a physician in New York. The State University of New York center (SUNY) has predicted that there will be severe physician shortage in New York by 2030. The study further reveals that the average age of physicians in New York is alarmingly high.


I Have An Insurance Number, But Not Medical Care…

The huge physician deficit can leave millions of newly insured patients, under Obama-care  have insurance numbers. But it is no guarantee they will get to meet a doctor. The physician workforce is slowly dwindling and finding a doctor can be the biggest challenge, in the years to come.

The problem is steadily getting worse and it is not just the healthcare law that is to be blamed. Proprietary and complicated EHRs and ambiguous reimbursement models are driving physicians out of the business.

84% Docs Feel The Profession Is In Decline !

And nearly 60% wouldn’t recommend medicine as a career choice. About 75% of physicians feel they are being overworked. These are just a few worrying markers of the disillusioning climate the healthcare industry is in.

Doctors Across New York ; The Much Needed Relief For Physicians !

The DANY program offers physicians based in New York the life support they need. It offers physician practice support, physician loan repayment and help for facilities that recruit new doctors. The application process has also been streamlined to help practices based in NY meet the financial pressures they’re under.

Large health plans are also working in tandem with local medical practices and community health centers to bring in more primary care doctors.

Joining Forces…

Nurse practitioners can fill in the void by offering primary care to patients. Physicians and NPs instead of being at loggerheads, can work together to provide better care for patients across the state. As the shortage worsens team based care will act as the most effective solution.

Outsourcing documentation and billing needs will also offer harried Newyork physicians a brief respite in an otherwise blistering healthcare climate !

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