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Scripting your Practice's Success Story !

Leave the Big Tasks to us…

We can work with Payerpath to provide insurance eligibility checks, and set your schedule in order. The web based claims management tools can make sure that every claim we send out is perfect, down to the last detail. We scrub and keep track of your claims, efficiently. We create easily understandable and prompt patient billing statements using the patient payment option.

We use every tool and option of your EHR to create a healthy future for your practice. And help you spend that extra hour with your patients or kids back home.

And the Small Ones too…

We understand how cutting and pasting information can hinder the busy workflow of your practice. We not only utilize every feature of your ehr to create a better tomorrow for your practice, but also ensure every billing information that matters to you is available at all times. As we work within your ehr you not only reduce data security risks but also the time spent on entering information.

No more nail biting :

We can Pick up the Bill for you !

One of the reasons why Allscripts can win any EHR popularity poll is that it offers the flexible, pay as you go model. Now, wouldn't sound like a dream if somebody paid for your ehr every month? It's a dream you'll never have to wake up from ! Our free EHR subscription offer can pay the next month's bill for your Allscripts account. It is one of the many happy cost saving deals you get, by signing up for our medical billing package.